50 Cent mocks After Diss Track Release, King Combs: ‘I Feel So Threatened’

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50 Cent has mocked Diddy for years.  

After federal officials raided Diddy's properties in March, the Queens rapper kept criticizing the Bad Boy CEO's assaulted by charges and lawsuits. All charges are refuted by Diddy.  

Christian “King” Combs, Diddy's son, defended his family name on Sunday (May 12) with the fiery “Pick a Side,” threatening anyone who attacks his father, including the “In Da Club” rapper.  

When all they got was 50 Cent who placed the city on the map?/ Stop lying, pops been loathed by many men and n-gga, that's fine/ They gon' try to stop these Eminems and they gon' die tryin,'" he raps, lashing out 50  

King begins the diss with a lullaby before ordering the opps to “s–k his d–k” and daring the people to keep screaming “No Diddy,” a term 50 popularized from Diddy's personal assault cases.  

50 Cent instantly heard King's threats but laughed them off on social media the same night.  

The things Christian says on his record threaten me. Please don't hurt me—I'm scared for my life," he tweeted.KEEFE D said puffy killed 2Pac, therefore I never addressed his kids.  

50 reported on a civil complaint against King Combs for beating a stewardess. 50 cited a lawsuit filed in April in Los Angeles that alleged O'Marcaigh was a stewardess aboard the Combs family's yacht during a December 2022 holiday in Saint Martin.   

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