A year with Flaco, the most famous owl in the world' in the concrete jungle

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– Flaco, a Eurasian eagle owl, escaped Central Park Zoo, captivating New Yorkers with his presence.

– Renowned avian writer Jennifer Ackerman finds Flaco's escapade "magical" and coincidental with her book release.

– Flaco's flight from captivity sparked a city-wide search, drawing attention to his whereabouts.

– NYPD investigates Flaco's escape as a case of "criminal mischief," but no arrests have been made.

– Flaco's escapade included a dramatic landing on Fifth Avenue, near Bergdorf Goodman, attracting crowds and police attention.

– Despite attempts to capture him, Flaco evaded authorities, seeking refuge in Central Park.

– Birdwatchers, like David Barrett, tracked Flaco's movements, spotting him in various locations around Manhattan.

– Flaco's journey highlights the fascination and excitement surrounding urban wildlife encounters.

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