Apple Pie Smoothie

This Apple Pie Smoothie tastes exactly like apple pie. It's sweet and exceptionally wonderful  

bursting with apple flavor and seasonal spices. It's also highly nutritious, with no bad

refined sugars and plenty of sturdy oats. The ultimate nutritious drink, excellent for breakfast!

When apples are in season, they are very tasty. I simply cannot stop myself. They are currently my favorite fruit and a staple of my diet. 

Some of the items I'm currently enjoying include apple cinnamon cookies and apple baked oatmeal. 

I had intended to end the apple season with Apple Cinnamon Pancakes. But then I had this creamy apple smoothie the other day and knew it wouldn't be possible

I just had to offer one more apple recipe. Because this smoothie is just so delicious!

This Apple Pie Smoothie is the quickest way to savor your favorite apple pie flavors in the morning. Which is kind of neat.

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