Beyoncé is introducing country music to her diverse audience. Will they be accepted?

Old boots. Water-drinking horses. Country hits blasting across huge speakers, Black people of all shades sweating.   

These memories are often repeated during Tayhlor Coleman's central Texas ranch family gatherings. For her, Beyoncé's country album "Act II: Cowboy Carter," fulfilled an odd ambition.  

“There is something to be said about the biggest artist in the world coming home to the genre that... we all kind of love but never really felt welcome into — it’s really hard to put that to words,”   

said the 35-year-old from Houston's Third Ward, where Beyoncé grew up. Coleman loved Miranda Lambert and Shania Twain and hoped for this. I prayed for her to release a country album one day.Beyoncé is more country than most country artists today.”  

Beyoncé's current album tops the Billboard 200 for the second week and becomes the first Black woman to top the country album chart.  

“That girl can do anything...that inspires me,” said Lainey Wilson, who won the country album Grammy in February. “I'm excited to see fans who didn't know they liked country music grow to like it.”  

Beyoncé's rise to country music and motivation have rekindled discussions about its roots and diversity. Is Nashville ready to welcome Beyoncé's followers at their peak? Will new listeners of colour and others interested about the hubbub stick around or leave?  

“Honestly, I think it's Beyoncé. There may not be a country music trend as it would require industry action.Country musician Rissi Palmer, host of the Apple Music radio show Colour Me Country, which has developed a community for fans of colour to love the genre, said it was a cultural moment for Black people, particularly Black women.  

I find it amusing that many country radio programmers are trying to take credit for Beyoncé's recent success. This was not country radio, but rather her power, money, and brand recognition. "Fans did that," Palmer said.  

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