Brandon Beane: Bills got a "raw deal" not receiving a third-round compensatory pick

The NFL's formula for assigning compensatory selections is so complex that even the league occasionally makes mistakes when attempting to compute it. 

That's what the Bills believed happened when they didn't receive a third-round compensatory pick after losing Tremaine Edmunds in free agency.

Brandon Beane, General Manager of the Buffalo Bills, is dissatisfied with the fourth-round pick he received for Edmunds.

He claims Buffalo and San Francisco, who received a fourth instead of a third for losing Jimmy Garoppolo,

were the two clubs harmed by the league's compensatory selection procedure.

It surprised me. "I believe we and San Francisco got a raw deal," Beane remarked. 

"We had separate Zooms with the league trying to go through how it was calculated, because by even their accounts,

as we were checking with them through the year, we clearly had a third-rounder."

Beane stated that NFL contracts are becoming more complex with vacant years, and the league's compensatory pick calculations have not kept pace.

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