Cake with Polar Bears  

In continuation of my animal cake series, I am going to make a cake shaped like a polar bear this week!    

I received a lot of requests for this cake, and I thought it would be well-suited to the freezing temps that we have been experiencing as of late.    

There are layers of gentle vanilla cake used in the creation of this polar bear cake, and there is a lot of vanilla buttercream fur piped on top!    

While I am typically on the side of buttercream, there are occasions when it makes perfect sense to use a little bit of fondant.    

There is already a significant amount of effort that we are putting into making the cake layers and buttercream from scratch; adding a small amount of fondant simply makes the process simpler.    

In order to create the miniature face and ears of this polar bear, I used a small amount of fondant that was colored in shades of black, pink, and white.    

You can get the form of the eyes and ears exactly right with the help of small circle cutters.   

And I absolutely adore the beautiful expression that they give this cake.    

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