Doenjang Jigae, a stew made with Korean soybean paste.  

Korean soybean paste stew, or doenjang jjigae, is a well-known meal that is bursting with flavor!   

It features fresh vegetables, soft tofu cubes, and the most exquisite soup made with Korean soybean paste and anchovy stock.  

It's a favorite for good reason, and it's ideal when you're in the mood for a hearty and warming soup!    

Popular Korean home-cooked dish doenjang jjigae is ideal if you enjoy tasty soups and stews that come together quickly and need little work!    

It is considerably milder than other Korean dishes and is rich in umami, full of delectable and nutritious components. It's ideal if you can't take hot cuisine.  

Because it's so easy to make and quite tasty, this recipe has quickly become a favorite.    

Additionally, I suggest trying my recipes for kimchi pancakes and ground beef bulgogi if you're itching to try more Korean cuisine.   

They are also quite easy to make and taste fantastic.    

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