Eggs with Peanut Butter  

Easter is all about the candy, and there's nothing we like better than a creamy peanut butter filling tucked inside a chocolate shell.  

Making homemade peanut butter eggs can be an easy and fun activity for Easter, but these treats can be made any time of year—just pat the peanut butter mixture into a circle instead of an egg shape.  

Unsalted butter and creamy peanut butter: These two ingredients form the base of the candy. Be sure to use regular peanut butter, not natural-style. 

Vanilla extract and a pinch of table salt: Vanilla adds a little warmth to the filling, and a little pinch of salt helps balance the sweetness from the powdered sugar. 

Powdered sugar: This gives body and sweetness to the filling and makes it easy to shape. 

Dark, semisweet, or milk chocolate: The best part of making candy at home is tailoring it to your tastes, and that includes the type of chocolate you choose.  

Shortening or coconut oil: You might not need this ingredient, but it's good to have on hand.  

Flaky salt or sprinkles: A little garnish goes a long way! Have fun when decorating these treats.   

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