Fat-Burning Foods: 07 Top Options 

The beta-glucan fiber found in abundance in oats is soluble, meaning it inhibits digestion and the absorption of glucose (blood sugar).   

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RDN notes that asparagus' high fiber content can help people feel full for longer and cut back on calories that aren't essential. 

1.    Garden Vegetables 

Yogurt is a great weight reduction food whether you eat it plain or use it into your morning smoothie. 

2.  Yogurt without fruit  

Popcorn that is air-popped is a whole grain snack. Ward cites research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that suggests eating more whole grains and less refined grains will help you lose weight.   

3.  Popcorn   

Quinoa Adds protein to any dish—just one cup of cooked quinoa has 8 grams of plant-based protein.   

4.  Quinoa 

Think about throwing a scoop of protein powder into your smoothie, pancake, or energy bite recipe. In order to promote fullness and satiety, which can aid in weight loss, research suggests that meals containing 25-30 grams of protein are useful.   

5.   Bulk protein  

You can't just say that cauliflower is a fad. It has little calories and a lot of beneficial fiber.   

6.Swiss chard  

In terms of fluid balance regulation, "bananas are high in potassium," as Burgess puts it. "Research has shown that increasing potassium intake increases sodium secretion, which in turn decreases water retention and bloating around the belly."  

7. The fruit banana  

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