Get Plenty of These 8 Foods to Burn Fat from the Belly 

The beta-glucan fiber found in abundance in oats is soluble, meaning it inhibits digestion and the absorption of glucose (blood sugar).   

1.  Bran cereal

Barley is a whole grain that tastes nutty and has a chewy texture. Because of its high levels of indigestible resistant starch and soluble fiber, barley is a nondigestible grain.   

2. Barley   

"Apple pectin, which is a type of fiber, breaks down in the gut and slows digestion, making you feel full for longer after eating," says Larsen. If you eat an apple every day, you won't gain belly fat  

3. Apples

Cayenne pepper, chili peppers, curry powder, paprika, red pepper flakes, and chili powder all include this.  

4. Capsaicin  

affectionately called the "Queen of Spices" (black pepper being the "King"), was favored by the nobility and, according to Dr. Jampolis, has a flavor profile that is more feminine than most spices: flowery, lemony, with a touch of mint. Maybe that's why it used to be thought of as an aphrodisiac.  

5.  Cardamom,  

“These fruits are full of fiber, vitamins and nutrients that help you stay fuller and eat less throughout your day,” says Courtney D'Angelo.

6. Raspberries 

You may be shocked avocados are on the list since this fruit is high in fat. But it’s a good kind of fat and will actually support your efforts to trim your waistline.


According to research, eating an ounce of nuts or so every day actually helps regulate appetite, which helps reduce excess calories, which could make weight control easier and flatten your belly, D’Angelo explains.

8. Nuts  

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