Grammys CEO: Kendrick's Drake Diss Track Could Be Nominated for Its Artistry and Talent 

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Lamar's Not Like Us may be nominated for a Grammy. On Monday, Grammys CEO Harvey Mason Jr. told TMZ Hip Hop about the “amazing artistry, writing, talent in that record” at LA X Airport.   

He added, “You have nominated artists. I see no reason it couldn't. Record quality matters.”  

Mason Jr. stated that the Academy wouldn't mind the diss track. I think they value grandeur.   

Trendy things appeal to them. This record matters on several levels. So much talent and innovation. I hope Academy members comprehend that.”  

He recommended the Grammys create a diss category. “Anything is possible. Members give all our awards.  

They vote on "let's have a diss track category" and it happens if they like and desire it. Never know what will happen.”  

At the end of April, the two rappers traded verbal missiles, culminating in the tune.   

Lamar called Drake “a certified paedophile” in regard to his alleged attraction to younger women.  

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