High-Fiber Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding Tastes Like Dessert for Breakfast.

I'm a simple lady that makes easy fall recipes from Instagram. I recently saw pumpkin-pie chia pudding.  

Last week, my favorite Instagram food influencer, Kristi Roeder (@avocado_skillet), presented her Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding in an Instagram Reel.  

With over 939,000 views, the video shows that I wasn't the only one curious to try it.  

I made this chia pudding because of its simplicity. Most of the components were on hand, and prep took five minutes. This is how I cooked the trendy breakfast worth getting up for.  

Simply mix the ingredients in a medium jar. Let the mixture remain in the fridge for an hour after mixing. I left it overnight to thicken and make it easier to grip in the morning.  

When ready, grab your chia pudding and top with whatever you like—or eat as is! Roeder advises yogurt and granola for fall breakfast.  

I added shaved almonds, but any pantry nut or seed would provide texture.  

I wouldn't adjust Roeder's recipe. It was the perfect consistency and tasted like fall in each spoonful. I'll make this recipe all season because it's sweet enough and has fiber-packed chia seeds.  

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