In a legal battle with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson files a new lawsuit.

A few months following her $2.6 million verdict against him, Clarkson has submitted an additional complaint that might go much further.

Blackstock is still appealing the November ruling, and on Monday, Clarkson filed a new lawsuit in a Los Angeles court. 

Court records acquired by The Times allege that Clarkson's country music manager “‘unlawfully procured” multiple business deals that should have been handled by CAA's certified talent agents. 

In his latest action, Clarkson is requesting an injunction requiring the return of "any and all commissions,

The new case is the most recent development in the two ex-spouses' protracted legal dispute.

The complex business entanglements with Blackstock's father's company, which handled her for years, were not resolved by that personal settlement.

In response, Clarkson complained to California's Labor Commissioner, claiming that Starstruck and Blackstock had broken the Talent Agencies Act

That case remains pending and is set for a hearing in August. 

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