Jelly Roll’s Daughter Gets First Car + It's NOT What You'd Expect"

Bailee, Jelly Roll's daughter, has reached a significant milestone: she now has her own car! Bunnie Xo, Jelly Roll's wife  

invited fans to witness Bailee's automobile selection process, and the car she chose may surprise some.  

Bunnie explains in the TikTok video that the pair gave Bailee a fixed amount to spend on a car, and she could then choose whatever she wanted as long as it suited the budget.  

"We told this girl she could have any car in the world, but there was a budget," Bunnie said. "This is what the child chose." This is exactly what her heart desires.  

Bunnie prefaces the vehicle revelation in this manner since the car choice may not have been every 16-year-old's first choice if they were told they could choose any car they wanted.  

Bailee opted for a GMC Sierra 1500 white pickup! As of yet, the truck has not been customised. However, both Jelly Roll and Bunnie enjoy personalising their family vehicles  

"I'm whippin' in every field," Bailee chuckles as the camera moves from the truck with a giant yellow bow to her.  

As Bunnie films the car's roomy black cabin, Bailee invites him to listen to the engine's loud, powerful growl.   

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