Jennifer Lopez's documentary gets mocked mercilessly. What keeps you looking.

Jenny from Block? More like Jenny being mocked. Jennifer Lopez is experiencing a career milestone with the publication of her album "This is Me … Now" and its accompanying film, "This is Me … Now: A Love Story," as well as the Amazon Prime documentary "The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

" It follows her reunion with now-husband Ben Affleck after decades.

"This was going to be the quintessential thing I wanted to say about love," Lopez told USA TODAY earlier this year.

Since people met me and my first song came out, and even before that in my first movie role, I've been trying to figure this thing out for myself.

Lopez feels this record closed the loop. It catches this moment to communicate what I want to say about love: that true love exists and certain things are eternal. Please persevere, as love is all that matters in life.

However, this art attracts many haters. TikTok users have slammed the pop star's "creative narcissism" and callousness since the documentary dropped last month.

They called her documentary inauthentic, a poor attempt at relatability. 

They're also resurfacing her interviews and ripping her quotes apart.

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