Larson should get the waiver, then NASCAR should change the policy.

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The 2014 waiver policy was well-intentioned. Unfortunately, the sport's version a decade later needs fixing.  

When NASCAR introduced the playoffs, the system was applied.  

It was called a medical waiver or exception to prevent drivers from competing while injured for points.   

The rule book required drivers to try to qualify for each race.  

The “except in rare instances” (EIRI) provision kicked in quickly, backing NASCAR into a wall.   

For injuries, illness, mental health, suspensions, age, or returning to NASCAR after over a year to drive for a team in need, NASCAR has issued waivers.  

The latter was Matt Kenseth. Kenseth had not driven a Cup Series car since 2018 when Chip Ganassi hired him to drive the No. 42 car after Kyle Larson's suspension in spring 2020.  

In the Craftsman Truck Series, drivers who were too young to participate full-time received age waivers.  

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