Love Grows Stronger For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 1, During The Sun, Moon & Jupiter Alignment

 Saturday, June 1 is our'seen.' That's right. Three zodiac signs will discover that their romantic partners' love will erase their anxieties of being misunderstood or even thought of as someone else during the eye-opening Sun/Moon/Jupiter transit.  

 Your progressive nature means you don't get into partnerships where you have to pretend to be someone else,,,

 1. Taurus

 You want your partner to know this upfront. Being honest is one of the key reasons you're with your partner, therefore you expect them to follow suit.  

 You want to be yourself in your relationship, not pretend to be someone else. Libra, this is your thing,,,

 2. Libra

 You want your partner to tolerate your freakiness. You'll discover on Saturday that you're not alone in your unconventional thinking.  

 After all you've been through, you've realized that not everyone will listen or get to know you in a liberating way,,,

 3. Sagittarius

 You merely want to be'seen,' and you've accepted for years that this may not happen in this lifetime,,,

 You may be liked, admired, and applauded, but'seen?' No, not yet.  

Loneliness ends for three zodiac signs on June 15, during the Libra Moon.

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