Miso-Red Bean Patties.

Shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, miso, and red beans combine to make these bean patties incredibly umami.  

The batter is soft but holds together well, and the miso and soy combine to give it a salty, funky rich flavour.   

Miso is a paste prepared from soybeans fermented with salt and a mould called koji, which can be made from rice, barley, or other grains.  

They're quick, simple, and may be prepared in advance. If you're going to spend time on anything, make it blueberry pie  

White miso is made by fermenting soybeans with a high amount of rice for a short length of time, yielding a sweet, delicately flavoured paste.  

Rinse the beans thoroughly, then simmer in salted water until soft. Adding aromatics such as onion to the pot will enhance the flavour  

Save any acidic ingredients, like as tomatoes, until after the beans are soft. (Adding acidic elements early will make the beans tougher.)  

These delicate bean patties would be ideal in sliders with sriracha mayo, on a salad with creamy herb dressing or on top of a grain bowl with zucchini and crema.   

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