Most popular dog breed in the US, according to study

A PetLab study found that in 38 states, Golden Retrievers are the most-searched dog breed, assessed through Google’s Keyword Planner using keywords like "buy" and "adopt" over the past 12 months. 

Golden Retrievers are particularly popular in highly-populated states such as California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania, with their kind nature and ease of training being attractive qualities. 

French Bulldogs top the list in Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, known for their comical and affectionate nature. 

In northern states like Montana, Utah, and Wyoming, the Bernese Mountain Dog is the most popular, known for being hardworking and affectionate. 

Newfoundlands are the most-searched-for breed in Alaska and the second-most popular in Montana, Oregon, and Vermont, known for their calmness, loyalty, and love for swimming. 

Southern states favor Dogo Argentino dogs, ranking third in popularity in nine states like Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas, known for their companionship and loving nature. 

A spokesperson for PetLab mentioned, "Whether people are looking to adopt, foster, buy, or just browse cute pictures online of dogs, it is clear that the US is obsessed with our furry friends." 

The study highlights the nationwide popularity of Golden Retrievers, especially in highly populated states, showcasing their charm and widespread appeal. 

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