Navy beans in cans thicken soups

One essential item you should always have in your kitchen is canned navy beans.   

Generally speaking, canned beans are a tasty, healthy, and incredibly adaptable ingredient for a wide range of dishes.  

You can use them to make anything from protein-rich canned bean smoothies to substantial bean pastas, but their greatest utility may be as a means of enhancing soups and stews.   

Without a doubt, these beans are the ones to choose if you're craving a thick, velvety soup.    

For many years, navy beans have been a mainstay of American cuisine and are a particularly popular sort of bean.    

The name "bean" actually originates from the fact that during the 1800s and 1900s, the US Navy frequently used them as food.   

Their subtle flavor blends well with any meal, absorbing the flavor of the ingredients they are mixed with.  

More significantly, they add a silky texture to recipes and have an incredibly fluffy, starchy interior that melts in your mouth.   

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