NBA: Memphis Grizzlies' Ja Morant's Lawyers Will Claim Self-Defense In Teen Assault Case

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A judge determined Thursday that Memphis Grizzlies forward Ja Morant's lawyers can claim self-defense in a lawsuit.....

.....accusing him of punching a youngster during a pickup basketball game at his residence.

Lawyers for Morant and 18-year-old Joshua Holloway will argue on Dec. 11 whether Morant is immune from culpability.....

....under Tennessee law for hitting Holloway during a game at the All-Star player's Memphis-area house in July 2022.  

Morant's lawyers say he punched Holloway once after a basketball hit his chin.  

On July 26, the player's lawyers argued that he should be free from liability under the state's “stand your ground” rule, which permits anyone who feel threatened at home to use force.  

Chumney's finding allows Morant's lawyers to use the statute in civil cases to dismiss the claim.  

When Morant was sued, his accuser was 17. It charges Morant and buddy Davonte Pack with assault, reckless endangerment, cruelty, negligence, and emotional distress.   

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