NFL world reacts to Tom Brady announcement

Typically, a player must wait at least four years after retiring from the NFL before becoming eligible for induction into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame. 

However, it appears that Tom Brady will be an exception to the rule, given everything he did while with the organization

On Sunday afternoon, the New England Patriots honored Tom Brady with a ceremony before the game,

during which team owner Robert Kraft made a significant announcement, disclosing that he will waive the customary four-year waiting period for team Hall of Famers. 

Instead, Brady will be inducted into the New England Patriots' Hall of Fame next year.

"I'm gonna waive the four-year wait period and place Tom Brady in the Patriots Hall of Fame next spring," Kraft said in a statement.

As Kraft points out, this is the first time the team has done something like this for a player, and it has sparked a lot of reaction on social media.

Brady guided the team to six Super Bowl championships during his time in New England, so it's understandable that the team would be prepared to make an exception for the iconic quarterback.

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