Optical Illusion: Spot the blue eyed fox in this image within 13 seconds

This is one of the most difficult Optical Illusions we've seen in a long time.  

Many brain teaser experts have scratched their brains in search of the hidden animal in this puzzle. 

Find the fox with blue eyes among all the brown-eyed foxes in about 13 seconds.  

You have a record time of 13 seconds to find the hiding fox. Trust us, it is doable. Book An Eye Test, headquartered in the United Kingdom, developed the test.  

According to them, the test will take longer than one minute to find the hidden fox. However, many users claim to have discovered the hidden fox in less than 10 seconds. 

We'll give you a hint. The fox you seek has a larger skull than typical. It is on the puzzle's left side. Examine the image once more. 

Because the eyes are small, and because there are so many foxes, users are prone to perceiving blue eyes everywhere.  

One of these images is currently going viral. In this image, you have eight seconds to find the hidden lollipop. The majority of people found this problem difficult and were unable to locate the concealed lollipop. 

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