Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ: Only 5% Can Spot The Frog Hidden Inside A Rainy Day Picture In 21 secs!

The brain's perception of objects, drawings, or people can be fooled by an optical illusion, which is a visually stunning, engaging, and perplexing illusion.   

There are many different kinds of optical illusions, and you've probably seen them all.   

Psychoanalysis includes optical illusions as a tool to understand your perceptions, according to studies.   

When we gaze at things or images from different angles, our normal brains might develop different perceptions.   

The image of the frog lurking inside the rainy day photo is one such excellent illustration.  

Everyone from kids to adults can enjoy this picture puzzle that has been shared.   

People holding umbrellas out in the rain are depicted in this optical illusion.   

The rain is being enjoyed by the men, women, and children. There are three girls: one is observing the snail, another is strolling her dog, and the boy is having fun getting wet.  

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