PSA: Zendaya has joined the 'no trousers' club...and we are addicted.

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Zendaya is the ultimate fashion diva. As a genuine method dressing, she immerses herself in the stylistic universe of each of her film assignments. 

In practice, she and stylist Law Roach have created a number of stunning outfits for the Dune: Part Two promotional tour and, most recently, Challengers.  

While Dune featured modernist silhouettes and sci-fi elements, Challengers is set in the professional tennis world, and the resulting ensembles are significantly more formal, leaning on athletic standards.  

As a result, Zendaya has been wearing clean tennis whites in recent weeks, ranging from a bridal-esque dress with a sporty finish to a classic, mock collar skater dress.  

She even wore the dramatic black and white Carolina Herrera outfits and white bead braids seen on Venus and Serena Williams' classic 1998 Vogue cover.   

While Challengers is ostensibly a tennis film, it is really about sexual power and tension, with a love triangle at its center. That is, Zendaya and Law have found methods to incorporate erotic elements into traditionally staid tennis gear.   

she wore a double breasted grey suit jacket (from Ralph Lauren's Spring 1992 collection, according to vintage experts) over a crisp white shirt with a retro black and white pattern tie, a polka dot pocket handkerchief, and a pair of crisp white stilettos.  

Zendaya's *inspired* style follows the 'no trousers' trend, which drew the notice of the talk show host, who replied, "You're dressed just like me, except I have pants."  Another serving from the queen!   

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