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 Study-Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat

 If you're overweight, especially around the middle, you've probably thought a lot about what you eat. Weight-loss food advice abounds.  

 Diet alone won't solve most people's weight problems.  

 That's why the weight-loss community was interested when a University of Palermo team evaluated scientific papers and found that essential oils can reduce body fat when inhaled.  

 “Smelling your way thin may sound too good to be true, but exciting new research shows that certain scents trigger weight loss, ,,,

 ” says Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, board-certified doctor of natural medicine and author of The Essential Oils Healing Deck.   

 Aromatic essential oils can now target body fat. Read on for the best weight loss essential oils.  

 Many of us are familiar with essential oils we can blend with carrier oils and apply to our skin like perfume or diffusers to scent our homes.  

 These smells also have great health advantages, although few know this.  

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