The Chilton Cocktail

If you've been to Lubbock, Texas, you likely know the Chilton, a vodka, lemon juice, and soda water blend, akin to Ranch Water.  

Legend has it that a Lubbock Country Club bartender created the Chilton with Dr. Chilton's guidance, though the origin remains unverified.  

Lubbock's signature drink, the Chilton, is perfect for a post-golf or tennis refreshment.  

Lubbock's West Table Kitchen & Bar offers a twist on the classic with their Ruby Chilton, featuring Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka.  

Make your own Chilton at home with the Lubbock Country Club's recipe, including the essential salted rim.  

Lubbock's Chilton is a hit among locals and Texas Tech Raiders, enjoyed for its refreshing flavor.  

The Chilton, a staple in Lubbock, Texas, combines vodka, lemon juice, and soda water for a refreshing drink.  

Enjoy the Chilton's West Texas charm by mixing one up at home with the traditional recipe from the Lubbock Country Club.  

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