The debut U.S. tour of Desiredo: Trailblazing into Country Music's Heart is announced by the singer Louise.

Desperado, Louie TheSinger's first U.S. tour, will take him throughout the country on stage.

The tour, produced by Live Nation, begins on June 15th at the House of Blues in Orlando and travels across the United States to San Antonio, San Diego,

Denver, and other cities before concluding on July 27th in Charlotte at The Underground.

Louie's ascension to musical popularity has enthralled listeners all over the world, stemming from a journey marked by both highs and lows.

Despite a prison term in 2018 that tested his identity, Louie remained faithful to himself and his music.

With a large social media following and millions of listens globally, Louie's music resonates with sincerity, fostering connections and creating a solidarity movement. 

Now, with the backing of UMG Nashville, Louie is ready to make his impact on the country music industry.

His maiden US tour promises to highlight his distinct style and storytelling, cementing his place among industry titans. Join Louie TheSinger as he forges a path through the heart of country music, one stage at a time.

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