The Miami comedy roasted Diddy in Little Havana. Who arrived is a mystery.

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50 Cent trolled Sean “Diddy” Combs offline over the weekend.  

The “Candy Shop” singer, who has essentially made a part-time job writing about the rapper's issue, attended a Miami roast of the entertainment tycoon Saturday night.  

The Dead Flamingo Pop Up (previously Casa Tiki) in Little Havana did not allow Fifty to insult onstage.   

He reportedly took breaks between laughing and taking photographs to distribute Branson cognac in the audience.  

The occasion wasn't only to joke about given Combs' charges, such as the resurfacing of surveillance tape of him punching his ex Cassie Ventura.  

Local stand-up comedians Ricky Cruz, Lonnie Cox, and Drew Illa performed at the National Domestic Violence Hotline fundraiser. Brittany Brave, the 90-minute show's co-host and producer, survived domestic abuse.  

“The Diddy scandal is topical right now so it made sense to join the conversation and contribute,” said Brave.  

Comedy helped me escape a three-year abusive relationship, and it continues to help us make sense of life, even the painful aspects.  

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