Top 10 Gorgeous Glitter Nail Designs 2024

Glazed Donut 

"Metallic will be huge again in spring," adds Edwards. "Chrome nail coloring powders are great and come in many shades to please all senses. 

French Glaze 

A French manicure can be made more interesting by adding a glazed finish, which elevates the classic manicure. It creates a stunning look and reflects light.  

Chocolate Glazed Donut 

This milky brown nail polish looks like a delicious chocolate-glazed donut when chrome powder is added.  

Iridescent Jelly 

Rose's hot pink glazed appearance creates a dazzling iridescent effect by blending chrome powder and 3D gel. For a subdued astrological hint, it also has a constellation and a scorpion 

Iced Pink 

Although pale pink tends to be very feminine, adding chrome powder on top gives it a little tougher look. This style creates an icy appearance by bringing out some of the cold tones in the pink polish behind the silvery chrome topping.  

Strawberry Milk 

In this manicure, a translucent milky pink paint serves as the foundation for a delicate champagne chrome powder. The result is an extremely delicate and understated appearance.  

Chrome on Clear 

Over a clear base, use a silver chrome powder for a striking yet understated manicure.  

On Fire 

This manicure is made to pop with the addition of chrome powder to this bright orange tint. It produces an effect that is coppery and resembles the cozy glow of a fire.  

Rose used a light pink nail lacquer as the foundation for the chrome powder in her delicate manicure. Hot pink bows on one nail each hand provide a very adorable coquette appearance.  


Fairy Winkle 

It looks so dreamy to add chrome to a baby blue color with chilly tones. The nails are extremely intriguing even though they are only one solid color.  

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Green Cup

Loneliness ends for three zodiac signs on June 15, during the Libra Moon.

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