Watch Randy Travis Perform “Diggin’ Up Bones” On ‘The Marty Stuart Show’ From 2011

Another excellent performance from The Marty Stuart Show. 

Marty Stuart had no shortage of outstanding musical guests, but THE Randy Travis' performance in 2011 will put him near the top.

Travis took to the studio stage to sing his 1986 hit "Diggin' Up Bones." This could be one of the most creative songs on heartbreak.

The song appears on his critically praised album Storms of Life, and fans see it as one of his greatest.

As the song begins, the listener can envision the grief as the main character sits in the bedroom, discovering mementos of their past in this graveyard of a room through the lyrics.

The tune's twang is a CLASSIC feature in many of Randy Travis' most famous compositions.

Travis, like everyone else on The Marty Stuart Show, sounds great onstage.

Diggin' Up Bones" will always be remembered as one of Travis' classic songs, and he will remain a country music icon.

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