When Mercury and Venus unite in Cancer on June 18, love horoscopes for every zodiac sign will be available. 

The romantic tension between Mercury and Venus has been building since their June 16th conjunction in Gemini. 

. However, it was in the final degree of Gemini at the moment, prompting us to consider what must come to a close. New beginnings are the theme of love horoscopes for June 18, 2024, as Mercury, the planet of love, and Cancer, the planet of love, combine forces.   

In your personal life, you are being offered a fresh start. Seize this opportunity to concentrate on building a loving home with your significant other. Pay attention to the details, prioritize your comfort, and remain receptive to receiving the love you require.  

1. Aries

Dear Taurus, you must take the initiative to express your desires. Despite your current reluctance, you are being led to tell someone important in your life how you really feel.  


It could be a good idea to take stock of your priorities so you can be sure your efforts are going toward what matters most to you. Even though it's not your strong suit, Gemini, don't be bashful about coming across as a little too sentimental.  

3. Gemini

Once you've mastered self-love, you open the door for others to do the same. This isn't to say that you shouldn't love yourself in those ways before you can receive the love you desire; it's just that loving yourself fully is a prerequisite to receiving what you desire.   


Leo, just take a deep inhale and let it fill the room of your dreams. Get in touch with your higher self and intuition by meditating regularly. Get back to the dreams you've had for your life and think about the moments you settled for less.

5. Leo  

In order to feel like you're living life to the fullest, your friends and the people you hang out with are crucial. When it comes to matters of the heart, though, there's a delicate balance to be struck between keeping quiet and listening to sound advise.   


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Loneliness ends for three zodiac signs on June 15, during the Libra Moon.

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