Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2: Release date, where to watch, and what to expect

Additionally, Hauser muses on the resonance that fans have had with his work on Yellowstone up to this point, stating that "it's been pretty cool"   

to observe how viewers react to the production of the show. "It's always amazing to create a character that really transcends.  

It's pretty wild that this show has touched so many," Hauser says in his interview.  

Specifically referring to his character, the celebrity explains that the fact that fans have a strong affinity for Rip is a "great acknowledgment of what people are looking for in this country."  

He defines these qualities as "simple, great values" like as "honesty, grit, termination," and "love."  

"That is still something that people want," Hauser continues to say. "An American kind of simplicity... a dream of the American man."  

He describes this picture, which had a budget of 120 million dollars, as being about "building the world of tomorrow."  

According to him, the final film is the product of around three hundred rewrites that were done in collaboration with more than forty academics, writers  

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