Yellowstone star Lainey Wilson says talking to God ‘a lot’ grounds her.

Lainey Wilson relies on her religion amid celebrity and music industry demands.   

"I feel like there’s a few things that keep me grounded," the 31-year-old country musician told Fox News Digital before the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards. "My faith, most importantly."   

She said, "I talk to God and talk a lot. I think staying grounded is crucial. I think the little tricks include picking up the phone, talking to your mama,    

family, nephews, and surrounding yourself with those who love you and know you best. So I'm doing that."    

Wilson and country singer Jelly Roll walked the red carpet at the Los Angeles music awards on Monday night. The two performed at Dolby Theater.   

In their heartbreaking candlelit performance, they sang Jelly Roll's "Save Me".    

Wilson told Fox News Digital in February, "All I've ever wanted to do was sing and write country music, and the opportunities that it has brought me, it blows my mind."   

She sings about her faith in "Me, You and Jesus" and "Sunday Best."    

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