Your Weight Loss Journey with Summer Breakfasts  

 Post-winter breakfast blues? You may be ready for a change after months of porridge and hardboiled eggs for breakfast.  

 Because growing bored with your usual foods is the worst while attempting to reduce weight.   

 "One light beer is the caloric equivalent of two mini Snickers.  

 ." So a drink or two is fine if they count toward your daily calorie intake. Drinking regularly might make the water murky.  

 Lockwood advises planning ahead and avoiding the brewskies that will damage your waistline to keep  ,,,

 on track with your calorie consumption. Women's Health's Bone Broth Diet explains how bone broth can help you lose weight.  

 Gorham suggests switching between beer and sparkling water to stay hydrated and drink less alcohol.  

 Remember that when your inhibitions are low, it's your food choices that stop weight loss, not beer.  

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